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Navigating one of the hardest coverages your company faces in Workers’ Compensation, you need a trusted advisor and a specialist. Encompass not only possesses the experience, we also have the expertise you require.

​​Whether you are struggling with high loss frequency, embroiled in large severity claims, powerless over ominous lawyer representations, or if you are simply trying to take your program to the next level, we have solutions that will impact your results.

You don’t have to feel as though your wrestling a bull. Please pick up the phone, or email us. Here at Encompass, we provide SOLUTIONS!


To properly mitigate your exposure to long tail indemnity payments, and drawn out claims where employees are home and not working, you should have a Written Light Duty Job Program. This program is a critical component to your risk management program.Contact us to learn about the obvious benefits and the not so noticeable advantages of a light duty program!

risk_management_400_clr_5468What is WC101?

…and can you quantify it? Learn More.