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Decision bias isn’t a new concept; however, many fleet managers and truck drivers fail to recognize how it affects the transportation industry. According to the Harvard Business Review, when it comes to making purchases, people inherently prefer the advantages of their own products to those of new ones. This transfers to the business world as […]

Up until recently, fleets didn’t have to give personal conveyance much of their attention. Personal conveyance only applies for when drivers operate commercial vehicles while off duty for personal use. This type of driving doesn’t count toward the driver’s total hours of service (HOS). However, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) passed the […]

A recent survey by Littler Mendelson, a law firm focusing on employment labor and benefits laws, set out to examine how government regulations and societal issues affected employers in 2017. Trucking companies took a hard look at the results to identify areas that could use improvement. The biggest issues trucking companies pulled from the report […]

Do all of your drivers carry the proper paperwork? Is all equipment in your fleet in good condition? Have inspections and certificates been issues in the required timeframe? In this recorded webinar, we’ll cover the most common and avoidable causes for inspection occurrence and failure, including: • Brake Hose Issues • Brake Adjustment Issues • […]

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all truck drivers to perform a pre- and post-trip inspection. The purpose is to ensure that the driver’s truck is in good working condition, which improves roadway and driver safety. While all drivers should be familiar with the process, reviewing the steps involved from time to time […]

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate goes into effect December 18, yet many organizations are still unprepared. Have you selected a specific device? Have you developed an implementation plan? Have you ensured that your device and driver behaviors will be compliant with new FMCSA regulatory standards? Join Encompass Risk Solutions and industry expert Ken Lacey as […]

Federal standards for commercial motor carrier size focus on a vehicle’s weight, length, and width. These standards have existed since 1956 to preserve the integrity of highways built with federal funds. The country also has an interest in ensuring the safety, productivity and mobility of freight commerce. Oversight of state enforcement of heavy truck size […]