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Do you want your fleet business to reduce its materials handling costs? There are many behaviors and approaches you can use to help drive down the costs associated with handling materials. For example, managing your space adequately and preventing unnecessary damages are ways you can minimize budgetary losses and improve your bottom line. Materials handling […]

For more than fifty years, engine manufacturers have relied on the Jacobs’ Engine Brake, commonly called a “Jake Brake.” All Jake Brakes come fully integrated into the engine and are an essential component in slowing and controlling your big rig. The Jake Brake has made it significantly easier and safer to drive on a steep […]

Most commercial drivers today are well aware that distracted driving can lead to a traffic accident, which can cause higher insurance costs as well as vehicle repair, replacement, bodily injury and even death. But many commercial operators forget the potential of high collateral costs that can be associated with distracted driving, such as fines, penalties […]

No one is more aware of the importance of durability and keeping costs down when it comes to replacement tires than commercial drivers or fleet owners. Retreads can save up to 50% off the cost of a new tire; retreads keep more money in the pockets of commercial truck owners. Despite the myths surrounding retreads, […]

One minute meetings with Encompass Risk Solutions are quick, free, and impactful. How often do you get in and out of meeting with useful information in 60 seconds? Today we’re talking cost control. Most transportation companies have significant room for improvement in this area. So find out what you can do about it in our […]

Modern shippers face greater risks and challenges than their predecessors. Specifically, there are three major problems that plague the shipping industry today. What are they, and how can we combat them? Read on to learn more. Three Biggest Shipping Problems According to national surveys, the three biggest problems in the shipping industry are: 85% indicated […]