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It is rare for the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) to agree wholeheartedly on much of anything. Their interests often diverge, and it creates legislative challenges. However, when it comes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scoring system, the two industry titans agree—something has to give. While the Federal […]

Fuel cost remains one of the leading expenses for trucking companies so it’s unsurprising that fleets are always looking for ways to save on fuel. As costs fluctuate, fleets need to focus on factors they can control to keep costs down. The driver influences almost all elements of fuel consumption so it’s important for fleet […]

Decision bias isn’t a new concept; however, many fleet managers and truck drivers fail to recognize how it affects the transportation industry. According to the Harvard Business Review, when it comes to making purchases, people inherently prefer the advantages of their own products to those of new ones. This transfers to the business world as […]

Successful fleets set budgets and create procedures for operational expenses. However, the gap between what fleet managers think they are spending and what they are actually spending is often astonishing. This in large part because of dark procurement, which are purchases made outside of standard operating procedures (SOPs). While it is easy to track vehicle […]

Fleet managers have a lot of information to juggle. Safety measures, vehicle maintenance, and more command much of their to-do lists. However, while fleet managers may not give fuel options much thought, they should take the kind of fuel their vehicles use into consideration as well. High-quality diesel provides several benefits that can improve the […]

Engineers in the trucking industry have spent decades working on reinventing the wheel for commercial trucks. Their goal is to create wheels that are tough, lightweight and rust proof. The biggest trend in new wheels is using aluminum instead of steel for the upgraded wheels. The main reason to switch to the new material is […]

Malcolm McLean started his trucking company during the Great Depression as a way to help his family survive. He was a resourceful man that quickly grew his one-man operation to a thriving business by 1940. He continued to grow his fleet to over 1700 trucks and sold his business for $12 million in the mid […]