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Commercial truck driving remains one of the most dangerous occupations despite increased safety efforts. However, not all roads and highways pose the same threat level. Drivers who make themselves aware of which roads are the most dangerous can take extra precautions to avoid them or increase their vigilance if they must drive on them. Based […]

Given enough offenses, commercial drivers can lose their license for texting while driving. However, local law enforcement often has a hard time proving if a driver was texting, particularly if it contributed to a crash. It is a simple and quick matter for drivers to delete their texts or browser history, leaving officers uncertain. Because […]

The Reason Foundation released their 23rd Annual Highway Report highlighting which states have the best highways and which states are struggling to improve. It should come as no surprise that states that are more populous have worse roads than rural states do. The Reason Foundation uses 11 categories to rank the states. These include: Administrative […]

After completing a six-month review, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released a report on DOT’s drug and alcohol testing program. The results are concerning. The study focused on drug use across every method of transportation—opioid use in particular. After evaluating the facts, the report concluded the program has significant shortcomings and offered suggestions […]

Now truck drivers can manage their alertness, anywhere, anytime with the invention of the SmartCap. The SmartCap looks like a baseball cap, but the technology under the cap measures brainwaves that calculate the level of fatigue of the its wearer. The SmartCap will notify truck drivers when they are getting tired, helping them stay awake […]

A new study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that commercial trucks were involved in over 400,000 crashes that resulted in over 4,000 deaths and 116,000 injuries in 2015. This represents a 4 percent increase over the previous year. However, adding automated safety technologies has the potential to prevent more than […]

Safety is not a driving habit that happens without careful planning and training. Fleet managers need to establish safety as a core company value and develop a plan to ensure the safest drivers possible. Safety starts long before the driver gets behind the wheel as well. Adhering to rigorous standards during the hiring process provides […]

Most commercial drivers today are well aware that distracted driving can lead to a traffic accident, which can cause higher insurance costs as well as vehicle repair, replacement, bodily injury and even death. But many commercial operators forget the potential of high collateral costs that can be associated with distracted driving, such as fines, penalties […]

Fleet safety is a major concern for motor carriers of all sizes. Whether your business operates one vehicle or 10,000, safety issues affect insurance costs, workplace morale, productivity, and your bottom line. Because of this, it is not surprising that the internet is inundated with articles dedicated to quick tips for improving safety. Unfortunately, reducing […]

Warmer weather means safer driving conditions. Truck drivers will no longer have to concern themselves with wintery driving conditions and making sure their tires are up to the challenge of traversing snow and ice. However, this does not mean tire maintenance is no longer a priority. Salt and winter grime buildup take their toll on […]