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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues imminent hazard out-of-service orders to drivers and companies that commit egregious and/or numerous safety violations. FMCSA issues these orders to protect the motoring public from harm. Despite clear safety regulations, trucking companies and drivers continue to commit a multitude of infractions. FMCSA Uncovers the Truth About Driver’s […]

One of the most pressing problems in the trucking industry today is fatigued driving. In research conducted by The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 52 percent of 107 single-vehicle accidents involving heavy trucks were fatigue-related; in nearly 18 percent of cases, the driver admitted to falling asleep. According to a 2014 presentation by the FMCSA using […]

If you are not already experiencing winter driving conditions on your routes, cold weather hazards will soon be upon us. The early days of winter driving season are often the most treacherous of all because many drivers on the road are not prepared. Now is the time for fleets to prepare their drivers and equipment […]

Commercial vehicle safety and enforcement issues often deal with fatigue measurement and management. One company is developing a new system that may revolutionize traditional measures for analyzing and combating driver fatigue. The new software would be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Drivers would take a psychomotor vigilance task test throughout the day. The results […]