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ERS Scorecard

What is it?
We developed the ERS Scorecard for one primary reason: to enhance our ability to partner with viable companies.  The scorecard has become a tool not only for prospects, but also our clients. It enables us to rate known demographics. These demographics are key indicators on whether or not an operation fits our service platform.

In the past, ERS has always relied on the industry standard approach to partnering with prospects. We would search databases and internet based portals. All of the public information was there, and we would collect that information to develop “an idea” of what it all meant. However, what we realized was that we needed to use the data and develop a rating system.

The Rating System:
The ERS Scorecard uses a strategic scoring platform based our experience and expertise.  We spent a considerable amount of time developing where our strengths could impact a company’s operations. Therefore, we know what attributes to rate on our desired companies. Finally, as we learn more about a company, we can include additional ratable metrics to ensure we are working with those companies where our expertise fits best.


The ERS Scorecard is a system that puts our marketing, service, and consulting platforms into perspective on day one. Our efforts in these areas can now be focused and more directed than ever. It also provides us a distinct advantage over other insurance agents because our insurance carriers know we have taken the steps to find the most credible partners.  Ultimately, the Scorecard has become the first tool of evaluation for Encompass as we gauge industry relationships.

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