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Captive / SIG Administration

dogThe dog represents the epitome of a pack animal. As such, it is easy to suggest captive/group members belong to a pack. Nobody is better to manage your pack than Encompass. Encompass Risk Solutions is a qualified Captive and Self Insured Group (SIG) Administrator. We understand the dynamics of both markets and recognize the unique opportunity to manage group products.

Having duly examined unique group structures that captives represent, we are confident that our services will effectively address all of your needs. Our goal is to provide long term program success by providing sound administration and program management. By availing yourself to our services, you will receive critical services from Encompass, including:

            • Complete and thorough administrative duties
            • Program management duties
            • The calculation of Premiums, Assessments, and Dividends
            • Maintaining critical relationships with vendors and the state DOI
            • Completion of all requested services as outlined in your management   contract, and more.

Our unique ability to manage Workers’ Compensation and Transportation Liability provide a successful track record in the industry and makes us an invaluable partner in the captive/self insured market.

Encompass can evaluate your program or talk about the creation of a new one, contact us today.