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It’s easy to underestimate the hazards involved when refueling a diesel truck or other piece of equipment. Personal injury or property damage can occur during fueling operations. Careless refueling can cause burns, fires or explosions. Diesel is a hazardous substance that has the potential for leaks and spills. It is important to exercise environmental precautions […]

Cargo theft is an extensive and growing problem that affects consumers and businesses alike. Cargo theft poses a real threat to our country’s economy and national security. The FBI estimates that the annual cost of cargo theft is between $15 – $30 billion in the United States. Cargo thieves are sophisticated, organized and often trained […]

Several major motor carrier fleets in the U.S. are seeking permission from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)  to use hair-testing techniques instead of urinalysis to comply with pre-employment drug testing regulations for truck drivers. The petitioners are Maverick Transportation, Knight Transportation, J.B. Hunt Transport Services and Dupre Logistics as well as two other […]

Imagine your truck’s high horsepower engine automatically senses you no longer need power to the drivetrain and reduces power to just the cab and sleeper? Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for trucks do just that – they capture energy produced by the engine’s alternator and store it in an independent AGM battery bank. Then, when the […]

Sleep apnea is a major public health issue and an important issue for the commercial trucking industry. Many stakeholders maintain that driver testing should be mandated because severe sleep apnea poses a risk to the public in the form of traffic injuries and fatalities due to crashes. Almost one-third (28 percent) of commercial truck drivers […]

When fuel prices increase retail prices for everything from food to clothing to electronics increase as well. There are many factors that impact the price of fuel costs for moving freight in America. Inflation Inflation is a factor that impacts the cost of moving freight. Inflation may apply directly to fuel costs but will also […]

An online freight-matching marketplace,has announced the release of a new rate platform called Rate Analysis. Rate Analysis is a cloud-based app that helps truck carriers use market data, combined with their rate history, to quickly make data-based decisions on their shipping rates. Truckstop.com uses paid-rate data from their own system as well as third-party partnerships […]

In recent years the transportation industry has struggled to fill a substantial number of job openings with qualified drivers. As existing drivers age and begin to retire, companies are looking to hire younger drivers to maintain their fleets. Trucking, unlike most industries, has a higher number of employees over the age of 65 than employees 24 and […]

Dial-A-Truck (DAT) Solutions recently conducted a survey of 257 truck carriers and 50 freight brokers to gain insights into the issue of driver detention. Of the carriers surveyed, 84% reported that detention is one of the top 5 problems affecting their business. To contrast that finding, only 24% of the freight brokers that responded found […]

The Department of Labor released a new report in August that examines the dangers of being a truck driver. The report, “Truck Driver Job-Related Injuries in Overdrive,” included the shocking statistic that 1 in every 6 American workers who die on the job is a truck driver. Driving a truck professionally is risky in ways you […]