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The owner of a moving and storage company pled guilty to multiple charges as the result of bait-and-switch tactics used to illegally obtain thousands of dollars from customers. Massaro and his co-conspirators held homeowners’ goods hostage until absorbent fees were paid, and if they didn’t pay, the property was sold at auction. Moving Household Goods […]

Modern shippers face greater risks and challenges than their predecessors. Specifically, there are three major problems that plague the shipping industry today. What are they, and how can we combat them? Read on to learn more. Three Biggest Shipping Problems According to national surveys, the three biggest problems in the shipping industry are: 85% indicated […]

Truckers often dream of owning a commercial truck. They can become owner operators, earn more money, and gain their freedom. Yet many truckers continue leasing trucks from an employer, often because they don’t feel they can afford owning a Class 8. Understand the true cost of owning a commercial truck. The Cost of Ownership Becoming […]

The recent kickoff of the International Roadcheck program started in early June. This year’s theme includes Level 1 tire inspections. If you are an independent carrier, you may be wondering what states conduct the most stringent inspections and if you and your vehicle are at risk of receive a maintenance violation. Looking at last year’s […]

Commercial vehicle safety and enforcement issues often deal with fatigue measurement and management. One company is developing a new system that may revolutionize traditional measures for analyzing and combating driver fatigue. The new software would be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Drivers would take a psychomotor vigilance task test throughout the day. The results […]

Summer is a time of warm weather, family get togethers and vacations. It is also a time of holidays, with Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends offering everyone time off from work. Not everyone takes time off during these holidays, however, including thieves. Cargo theft firms have announced that theft is on […]

There are many ways that commercial trucking companies can use technology to improve the safety of their fleets and lower their insurance costs. As technology continues to improve, opportunities can arise from the most unusual places. For example, some ELD apps can be used to decrease trucking insurance costs. Historical Data Used for Future Rates […]

First and foremost, I wanted to personally reach out to you to introduce myself and my teammate John Dever.  Encompass is one of the top 10 privately-held transportation risk management boutiques in the United States.  We consider ourselves a boutique because, while we manage over $50,000,000 in annual premium, an insurance company, a self-insured Worker’s […]

Join expert speakers Greg Feary and Tom O’Donnell to learn best practices for managing owner operators. Legislative developments have created new challenges and risks for transportation companies using independent contractors. Our speakers will share emerging strategies and audit tips to effectively manage owner operators. This webinar, sponsored by Encompass Risk Solutions, features these important topics: […]

Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. Businesses have a legal duty to their workers to create a safe workplace. However, misfortunes happen even if a company has taken reasonable safety measures. Over the past 3 decades, workplace safety has been subject to tremendous changes. Although this area has had significant improvement in its time, there are […]