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The Reason Foundation released their 23rd Annual Highway Report highlighting which states have the best highways and which states are struggling to improve. It should come as no surprise that states that are more populous have worse roads than rural states do. The Reason Foundation uses 11 categories to rank the states. These include: Administrative […]

Fleet managers and motor carriers know the importance of budgeting, but they do not always allow for shifting fuel expenses. Stable diesel prices at the pump can lull transportation companies into a false sense of security. Instead of budgeting for a wide range of diesel costs, managers can begin to view fuel as a fixed […]

After completing a six-month review, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released a report on DOT’s drug and alcohol testing program. The results are concerning. The study focused on drug use across every method of transportation—opioid use in particular. After evaluating the facts, the report concluded the program has significant shortcomings and offered suggestions […]

For Tesla, a semi-autonomous, all-electric vehicle is nothing new; for the trucking industry, it is long-awaited innovation. The vehicle boasts three significant advancements never before seen in the trucking world: It has a 500-mile electric driving range It is the industry’s first level 4 autonomous truck, the second most advanced based on the Society of […]

As Tesla and other industry disrupters continue to roll out new, improved, and more efficient commercial vehicles, fleets that cannot yet afford to upgrade their CMVs are struggling to find ways to keep up. Newer model trucks tend to be aerodynamic and more capable of using add-on software. However, this does not mean fleets have […]

Successful fleets set budgets and create procedures for operational expenses. However, the gap between what fleet managers think they are spending and what they are actually spending is often astonishing. This in large part because of dark procurement, which are purchases made outside of standard operating procedures (SOPs). While it is easy to track vehicle […]

Potential job candidates apply for positions through a variety of methods. Most apply online—some through desktop computers and some via their smartphones. There are even a few who will go to an office in person to pick up an application; however, this is a declining trend. Of these options, more and more individuals are opting […]

Inspections are a part of the job for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. Either a police officer or department of transportation (DOT) inspector will assess all relevant parts of the CMV to ensure it is in good working order and is safe to operate on the road. There are six types of DOT inspections CMV […]

The trucking industry underwent significant alterations in 2017. Major regulations came to pass, protesters tried to stymie rulings, and the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate went into effect. To understand what to expect in the coming year, fleets need to reexamine what transpired in the preceding year. The following are the biggest changes within the […]

Knowing the roads is a significant part of a commercial driver’s job. This knowledge can help drivers decide which detour to take to avoid traffic or bad weather. It can also help save their lives. For example, Interstate 4 in Florida is the most lethal highway in the country. It racked up 1.25 deaths per […]