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Let’s assume for a moment that you own a semi-truck and you work as an independent contractor. Most likely you’ll need trucking insurance that goes beyond what your motor insurer offers you. In such cases, when you’re under dispatch, your motor carrier is covered with business insurance. But, when you’re off the clock, you’re not […]

Winter is usually the most dangerous time to be on the road, with conditions often inducing more than the average number of trucking-related accidents and collisions. Frosty temperatures, snow, and slippery roads can impair a commercial operator’s abilities, leading to incursions that increase your commercial truck insurance rates. Fortunately there are many precautions that can […]

Join us for this brief, complimentary and educational web seminar to learn about worker’s compensation challenges in the transportation industry. Despite popular belief, worker’s comp is the one insurance cost business owners can actually influence by understanding the basic nuts and bolts. Guest speaker and subject matter expert Jeff Maconaghy has over 20 years of […]

Operating safely and efficiently is crucial for any good transportation business. And teamwork plays a fundamental role crucial in operating a safe, efficient transportation business while maintaining employee morale. Though management techniques have long utilized tactics like regulations and company policies, these strategies can prove ineffective and even dangerous. Safety must come first – it’s […]

We cover a wide variety of important topics relevant to the transportation industry here on the Encompass Risk blog. In addition to news, legislation, and regulatory changes, we offer guidance on cost control and risk management measures. Check out some of our most popular recent blogs on these issues: Negligent Hiring Claims – Are You […]

Winter creates challenging conditions for transportation professionals in many parts of the country. Whether facing snowdrifts, torrentials rains, ice patches, or even just shortened days, the likelihood of an accident increases. Fleet safety should always be a high priority, but this is especially true in winter. There are a number of steps your team can […]

Workers’ compensation costs can make or a break a transportation business. This has never been more true than in 2015. Yet an alarming number of trucking companies continue to struggle with identifying and implementing best practices and strategies to control these costs. As an executive in the transportation industry, it’s mission critical to ask yourself […]

Negligent hiring and retention claims have steadily increased over the last decade, corresponding to a variety of factors including frequent regulatory changes. Many carriers do not fully understand the challenges associated with negligent hiring. If your organization doesn’t understand it, how can you be sure to avoid it? Negligent hiring is a claim made by […]

Most commercial operators know that distractions lead to an increase in accident frequency and severity, and how consequential an accident can be. But many operators overlook some of the more mundane distractions on the road and in the cabin. Further, many operators haven’t yet been informed of recent rules updates substantially increasing fines and penalties […]

There’s a huge body of legislation surrounding commercial drivers’ licenses in the United States. This trend continues in 2015 with the following regulations coming into effect: Jan 3, 2015 – States must begin enforcing the cell phone prohibition/restriction final rule. For more info: Mobile_Phone_Rule_Fact_Sheet.pdf Jan 30, 2015 – States must begin enforcing the regulation that paper copies […]