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5 Ways Trucking Fleets Can Reduce Materials Handling Costs

Truck in WarmDo you want your fleet business to reduce its materials handling costs? There are many behaviors and approaches you can use to help drive down the costs associated with handling materials. For example, managing your space adequately and preventing unnecessary damages are ways you can minimize budgetary losses and improve your bottom line.

Materials handling and logistics touches each and every product as it moves through the supply chain. Proper materials handling tactics will help your business gain a competitive edge by improving your supply chain and customer service efficiency. Strategic application of material handling and logistics equipment technologies provides the edge needed to meet customer demands, improve productivity and maximize profits.

Here are 5 ways your fleet can reduce the cost of materials handling.

  1. Modernize your operation

Utilizing emerging technologies can result in significant savings for your operation through the improvement of productivity and energy savings. Replace older and obsolete equipment with new, cutting edge technologies. Modernizing your operation will certainly reduce your materials handling costs while creating an innovative environment to drive efficiency and productivity.

  1. Maximize your space

Begin by taking inventory of your shelving and rack systems. Shelving and racking should be designed in a way that uses as much height of the warehouse as possible. Under utilizing floor space can raise costs while also not making the best use of your facility.

  1. Assure optimal storage conditions

Make sure your goods and products are stored under the best of conditions. Humidity can be a major cause of oxidation and deterioration for many perishable products and materials. Ensuring your humidity levels are properly monitored is an effective way to enhance storage conditions. The same goes for proper lighting and temperature at the correct temperatures to prevent any form of probiotic growth. Rust is another culprit that causes damage and hidden costs for materials because it will compromise the integrity and aesthetic of a variety of materials.

  1. Prevent damages

Damaged materials result in higher costs. Safe, methodical and efficient handling will lower costs associated with incidents and accidents. The foundation of best materials handling practices is anchored in preventing damages to raw goods, materials and finished products.

  1. Foster teamwork

Many safe materials handling practices begin with fluid communication and teamwork. Staff that articulate proper procedures and managers that emulate model behaviors go a long way to benefiting the overall operation. Promote a consensus approach to materials handling in your facility to realize improved communication, fewer accidents and reduced costs.

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