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How to Engage Employees to Improve Recruitment Efforts

Recruiters have a lot of information to offer potential job candidates. They can tell the applicant about the job, the benefits, the salary, and so on. However, many overlook a key factor that is important to millennials: their story. Millennials want to know if they are a good fit for the company more so than any previous generation. While employers can create a prefabricated story to tell young applicants about the company, existing employees can often do it better.

Informal Interviews with Existing Employees

Most CEOs and business leaders know their company well. They know what kind of products or services they provide, they know their clientele, and so on. However, this doesn’t mean they know how to tell the company’s story. Holding informal interviews with employees can provide valuable insight on how to weave a compelling narrative to attract and retain talented employees. Some basic questions employers can ask their employees to establish their story include:

  1. How did they hear about the company?
  2. What appealed to them about the job?
  3. What do they like about the part they play in the company?

Asking these questions can reveal recurring themes about the business that will appeal to potential job candidates. For example, a company may find that employees like the overall company culture or they may appreciate the recognition they receive for a job well done.

With the growing transportation shortage, fleets need to entice and retain drivers now more than ever. The current shortage is already causing delays in deliveries and driving up prices. The problems will continue to get worse as the shortage expands. While some trucking companies are taking to advertising signing bonuses to entice new drivers, it takes more than money to make a driver stay.

New drivers want to know more than what the company offers for benefits and salary; they need to know that they are well suited to the company’s culture. If your fleet is struggling with the driver shortage, contact the experts at Encompass Risk Solutions to learn how we can help your trucking business.

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