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ATRI Surveying Truckers to Learn How They Feel About Critical Industry Issues

open-truck-image-shutterstock_312024491-copyThe American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is soliciting responses from commercial motor carrier drivers regarding several top industry issues. ATRI is using an online collection survey form that asks drivers for their viewpoints and opinions on such important topics as:

  • transportation infrastructure (i.e. how bad is congestion and how do you think the U.S. should fund the transportation infrastructure)
  • why drivers chose trucking for their career
  • do drivers plan to stay in trucking for the rest of their career
  • would drivers recommend trucking as a career to friends or family members
  • highway safety (what one technology or regulation or program has contributed the most to highway safety over the past few years)

The survey is a four-page poll that takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Once the information is gathered and collated, ATRI plans to add the results of the survey to their current research on transportation system funding. The survey can be found here.

ATRI is collecting data for their highway funding analysis, which is underway right now. In 2008, ATRI first conducted an analysis on the different ways to potentially fund the transportation system. Then in 2016 ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, the group that identifies the research that ATRI should be conducting, advised ATRI to do an update of the 2008 research. ATRI is currently working on that by doing analysis on the different types of funding, including:

  • diesel and fuel tax
  • tolling, and
  • mileage-based user fees.

ATRI is well-known for its research on truck parking. Perhaps the most popular of their research on truck parking was called “Truck Parking Diaries.” ATRI asked commercial truck driver to keep a 14-day diary in their truck and record everything about every truck parking stop they made over the 14 day timeframe. Questions they were asked to track in the diary included:

  • Where did I stop?
  • What was the reason for my stop?
  • How long did I take to look for a place to park?
  • Was I forced to park illegally somewhere else than I wanted because there was no legal parking places available at the time I needed one?
  • How many non-commercial vehicles were parked in marked truck parking spaces when you were looking for a place?

ATRI received 148 completed diaries that yielded over 2,000 days of truck parking activity and well over 4,500 individual truck parking stops worth of data that was analyzed.

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